I worked really hard to make this girl my friend at work. We go for morning breaks around from 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM.

And then this new guy joined the company sitting close to me and we become friends. This new guy finds my girl friend really awesome and they are getting closer everyday and they are leaving me behind now and separates me with almost all the conversations during morning break meet.

Today, during the morning break. My girl friend said that I have changed and don't talk to her much like I used to. Way back when we met I really clearly told her that I have anxiety and social disorder so please bare with me and she told me that she will be there for me as a good friend.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm going to lose a good friend really soon.

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    Is she really a good friend, or you'll be missing more the fact she's a girl friend? Sorry but somehow by the start of your rant it seems to me that you wanted something more and got friendzoned - if thats the case (do your best to suck up this anxiety) and ask her out cause she might be worth it. The worst that can happen is rejection and then you'll atleast know where you stand. If thats not the case and its really just about friendship, you can try and join them self-initiatively as oldschool guy there every morning or try and make a new time to talk with her, lets say how about going out for lunch together, taking a small break in afternoon or simply grab a cup of coffee in the bar accross the office after work? Just giving out examples, thats what friends do when they want to hang out. Last thing I learned from own experience, when people don't want to hang out and constantly say they don't have time for that, its mostly just making excuses instead of saying I'm not interested..
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    @rutee07 She's smart and very knowledgeable person. Keeps me entertained with sarcasm and trolls. The rest of the people in this company talks to me when they need something to be done.
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    @myss I have a girlfriend and she knows it clearly that all I want from her was good friendship. I invited her to lunch many times and she same out with me only once in 6 months.
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    I'd say that, if she's a close enough friend (which I assume from what you said about telling her of your anxiety), let her know how you feel.

    I hope that you know, even if your anxiety says otherwise (I know how that works), that she does care about you too, otherwise she wouldn't have mentioned the thing about you talking less to one another in the first place. And tell her that too, that you know that the anxiety is trying to convince you of one thing, even if you logically might know that that's not the case.

    Just telling her that and letting her know that you're worried that you're drifting apart or that you might get left behind will strengthen your friendship by itself, I'm absolutely sure of it.
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    seperate work from affairs dude. if you want to have more communication go for a coffee after work
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