What would your coding tips be to your past self?

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    - ROS Nodes are the programms you actually write.
    - launch files launch multiple of them and can be used to also set parameters for them
    - don't be afraid to make mistakes
    - carefully read and try to unsersand what the code does even if copy pased from tutorials
    - experiment
    - ask questions, that's what tutors are for
    - be curious
    - don't be scared
    - bitch about errors on devrant and not to collegues at work
    - stahp gaming so much. League rank is irrelevant
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    @hasu last one hit close xD
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    Architecture is fucking important. :D
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    For the love of Satan, start learning algebra, calculus etc.
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    Your doctor was right when she told you that you're drinking way too many energy drinks and revving your biological engine too much. Listen to her and allow yourself to take time.
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    @Condor I thought you were refering to me because I have posted my decision to stop drinking energy drinks and coffee xD
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    @coffeedrinker naah, fellow (former) energy drink addict here o/
    I used to gobble up 3.5 liters of energy drinks a day, which made me pretty much a zombie when I didn't have my usual dose for a couple of hours, and was extremely dangerous of course.. it kind of surprises me that I even survived it without any issues. But the amount of shit that I learned through that period, that's what makes it all worth it <3 but definitely not to be repeated.
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    @Condor woah you were in a worse situation than me quantity-wise. Im glad that nothing bad happened
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    @rutee07 But who has time to start,right?
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