I love it when companies take 3 weeks to reply to their mail.
I love it when said company plans in a meeting during a 3 hour period, any moment through which they could arrive and you have to be available for.

Additionally, I love seeing companies use an @gmail.com for their business mail. The professionalism just oozes off of a Gmail account, when it's used for business-related stuff.

I love this kind of professionalism. So professional, much business.

Get a fucking domain already. And MAINTAIN YOUR FUCKING MAIL!! And why the FUCK am I waiting for these incompetent motherfuckers to arrive already, for 90 bloody motherfucking minutes that are way overtime for me as I've been awake for fucking 18.5 hours already?! Fucking incompetent pieces of shit.

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    @Condor Could you have feigned and pretend you had another meeting with a "more important" client than them? If someone is late for more than 15 minutes without notice in advance, I send an e-mail to check their whereabouts. Depending on their reply (or lack thereof), I might just leave and notify I couldn't wait any longer. But that always depends on the circumstances.
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    @Qaldim I honestly wonder if they'd reply in less than a week to that.. almost 11AM here, in 10 minutes or so I'm just going to sleep already. 15-20 minutes is what I'd usually give to an appointee as well. 2 hours on the other hand...

    I wish I could've feigned it. But unfortunately I've already confirmed last Saturday :/
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    @Condor Confirmation of an appointment on your part doesn't justify their unprofessional tardiness. Unless it is an appointment in which you will get paid, just "apologise" that you can't wait for them any longer and leave (if possible). 😴
    (Yes, sometimes I can be very rigid, in case you wonder... 😏)
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    @notlikethis some people just like to watch the world burn it seems 🙃
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    And I got a reply to my email asking where the fuck they are.. after the fucking appointment. Apparently it's now rescheduled without letting me know.. you know.. BEFORE THE BLOODY MOTHERFUCKING APPOINTMENT?!

    I have no words for this level of incompetence.
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    The thing that makes this worse is that they more often than not have a domain that they use for their website!
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    @Condor I read that as "once I read your email I realized I forgot the meeting and at that time I decided to reschedule"
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    @jeeper that might very well be the case actually.. fortunately the cleaning lady seems to be a lot more professional than her manager 🙂
    (Not that that's a very difficult thing to do though, that manager woman is incompetent as fuck)
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