Sat down with the Project Management team today to discuss a signage installation. This is how the conversation went...

Me: Right, so we need to get the hardware on-site asap so we can get this configured before it goes over to the production guys to have the facisa installed.
Them: That's fine we have plenty of time. Stop rushing things.
Me: Okay, so do we have the story board in place ready for development?
Them: Nope. Hasn't been done by the designer yet because he is in a bad mood.
Me: Okay so when does the client want this?
Them: 3 Weeks' time
Me: But it is atleast a week of dev time?
Them: Sure. But you can work late if needed...right?

This is a typical conversation between them and me. I'm the sole developer here. So done with today.

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    Hopefully you told them where exactly they could put the overtime.
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    Also, welcome to devrant!
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    The advice I give to everyone:

    Time to find another job!
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    My answer would have been like.. Bad mood?! Kick the designer moron in his lazy ass because I FUCKING won't work late just because he can't get his shit together!
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    @TobyAsE ahahha! Overtime? I bloody wish.
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    @TobyAsE Thank you :D Found it on the perfect day
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    @Fast-Nop This is the same designer that can't be told if someone else in the office is ill (cough, cold - anything!) because he will magically become ill the following day. I don't usually wish bad things happen to someone - but this is different!
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    @DarkVoyager Already on that path. Own my own business, just sticking this out to build for funds for security :)
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    I feel your pain. Everyone else takes their sweet time getting the requirements and designs finalised and leave next to no time for development :/
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    @ammadfa then leave them no developer.. lol move on and they can stick there late nights where sun does not shine.
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    @ammadfa Yup, biggest problem is you're then rushed and, I know it shouldn't be an excuse, but you end up writing crappy code!
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    @DarkVoyager very much on the cards now. 3 month notice period so gotta get my ducks in a row as it were.
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