I was playing Science trivia with Google assistant. Looks like she didn't want me to get all 5 answers right.

Also, 0.62 != 0.62

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    How do I talk to her
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    Clearly they used JavaScript to evaluate your input!

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    @gintko thorough response, and true. I was merely ripping on JavaScript as a joke. Despite its quirks, I love JavaScript.
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    Hmm... Sounds like JavaScript to me
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    He detect your input as string
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    @gintko nice answer, I know the concept being float arithmetic, but in cases like I one I encountered, why don't they store the values as Strings? All the other questions were. Besides, I had to choose from 3 options!
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    Probably you gave the answer as float, but she wanted a str!
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    So I tried and this happened. Maybe it's comparison algorithm has some bugs.
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