Spend the last year helping to rescue a company from the brink of collapse. Literally live and breathe the company for no extra pay or reward, supporting and improving all aspects from IT and development, HR, Legal, Procurement, business day to day running and Accounts.

Create a business plan and forecast for 2019 with the General Manager over the weekend (unpaid) to grow the business and start to make lots of profit, hand it over to the director and he makes me redundant the next day.

Furious doesn't even cover what I'm feeling at the moment.

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    Redundant as in everything or redundant as in not having to lead the company. The former is indeed fucked up. The latter I understand.
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    @Codex404 the former. Off to the job centre I go 😖
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    If you were the new CEO would you fire your current self as well?
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