The new MacBooks look so nice. And Mojave is pretty nice, and dark theme! And the touch bar! The price is quite high but for the first time I'm actually debating getting one... Almost. But:

Why no escape key apple! You were so close! A physical escape key at the cost of your touch bar being 1 inch smaller! Is that too much to ask!

Many programmers use Mac. I can see why, it's a bsd variant, it's almost a Linux box except it's supported and accepted by the non-geeks of the world.

Many programmers use Vim! It's great!

So it stands to reason that a "not insignificant" amount of Mac users use Vim. Why would you do this to us? Or at least offer a "Vim model! With physical escape key, some nice out of the box vim buttons for the touch bar, a greatly inflated pricetag... Yknow, the works!" But nothing?! You almost had me apple.

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    I think of programs on the top of my head, but there’s a lot that rely on escape being pressed a significant number of times.

    Also, escape is used to go out of full screen or just dismiss a window, and when you do that, you do it without thinking, now there’s no tactile response! This is extreme shit!
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    Why are you still using esc and stretching your pinky out? That skill is reserved for emacs. Rebind that to jk- easy to reach, and the only time I've ever had to type that sequence was to spell dijkstra.
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    You can get the non touch bar MacBook Pro
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    iirc theres custom button software for the touchbar, so you could easily add vim commands there
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    @JoshBent I saw this posted not long ago
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    @baeovvulf lmao I guess that's all the keys you need anyway
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