I may not be a dev... (learning in my off time though, best thing ever) but I have been responsible for the computer system validation, requirements definitions and planning of a new piece of software that will have a major increase in effeciency for a division consisiting of over half our companies employees.

For months it has been a painful process. I have had night terrors, immense pressure on my head all the while thinking we are getting to that final goal (live deployment), and the light at the end of the tunnel has just seemed to be getting further and further away... Like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick.

After all the grey hairs, stress and drinking I am finally going to deploy this thing to the live environment tomorrow. Funny thing is its the part of this process that managers are stressing about and I am here like... Oh wow my Friday just got a whole lot better

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    Live deployment on Friday 😏

    Dare devil 😏
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    It doesn't matter how good your code is. It doesn't matter how much testing you've done. If you deploy on a friday the universe will collapse into itself and blow shit up. Have a fun weekend :)
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