As I sit and stare at code, and then stare at the Bills I need to pay as the month starts. I began to think, what if I too was part something new in Tech. Everytime, I see people creating new Tech, getting noticed, I wish I was there on forefront.

Then it gradually dawns on me, "you are just here to make ends meet, survive in the corporate world. Why care about the world. Let it go as it is."

"A shitty life".

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    World is shit anyway 🤷
    It does not really deserve to be cared about
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    "if that isn't finished by tomorrow..."

    "... then the world will continue spinning, because it doesn't give a fuck."
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    It would be nice to create something new and get noticed.
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    It's definitely tougher to work on side projects or own business, when we have so much to worry about. But you can use this a motivation too, to set mid or long tern goals
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    Toxic mentality.
    You would do well to change it.
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