Really hate having to sign an NDA, had to sign my first about 3 months ago with Bethesda and since have had to sign 4 others... What is happening?!

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    Testing Alpha or Beta games? Get used to it, pretty much every publisher asks for it.
    Why don't you like it anyway? It just tells you not to leak stuff :)
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    @Avyiel well the first Bethesda wasn't regarding a game but I got access to fallout 76 2 months prior to the BETA starting and the others are games but a couple are actually personal chats I've had with some developers.

    And I don't like it because I know some really exciting stuff that might be coming so I want to share it but I can't, it's torture haha
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    @lxmcf oh I get you man, I have the same feelings 😅
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