Alright, apparently, I can't Google.
I am wondering, is it possible, to develop an android app without android studio? And probably without Java?
My idea was to make a web app using mean stack and then just fit it into browser widget and voila.
I also don't believe that all of the apps I'm using are made with android studio...
What should I check out for better understanding of the whole android app development thing?

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    If you want to develop for mobile but with web technologies you can use Nativescript, React Native. If you want to use you existing website code, you can either make it PWA-compatible or use Cordova.
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    Jup, nativescript is great :)
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    You can make a simple bootstrap in QPython and then add your other code, then compile. You can use Kivy for graphics or standard libs for stuff like you're needing.
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    AFAIK you can use Visual Studio
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    Thanks everyone!❤️
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    You can develop it in C# using Xamarin. I've developed several using this and it's very good.
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    Also you can use a lot of languages (I used Go & Rust), just need to bridge it with java/swift.
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