Hey everyone! Recently there was a bug discovered which caused many (but not all) “user x posted a new rant” subscription notifs (both in-app and push) to not get sent out for the last week or so. It should be fixed now. Unfortunately though, they won’t be backfilled, so make sure you take a look at your favorite ranters’ profiles since you might not have been notified about their most recent rants.

A big thanks to @gitpush for reporting the issue and thanks to @linuxxx for help testing/confirming the fix worked.

For the basic cause: when we overhauled/fixed push notifs on Android in the last build (about a week ago), we had to convert to FCM. When a “user posted rant” notification was getting sent out, the asynchronous worker would process all of the subscription notifs in a loop. So for users who have a lot of subscribers, somewhere in the loop, something was failing, likely having to do with the new FCM send method. This is now fixed and all push notifs in that worker are also done asynchronously.

Let me know if you have any questions and apologies for the loss of subscription notifs!

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    @davenall same here, no notifs about mentions but only about ++. Several people have mentioned me on various threads as well but if it wasn't for their ++, I wouldn't have noticed.

    It's great to hear that the subscription notifs are fixed now though :D I was already wondering why none of my recent rants got any traction.
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    There was some queue backup after the increase in async jobs last night - everything should be caught up now.
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    Just got hundreds of notifications wtf
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    @dfox I just got spammed with a ton of notifs from the last day or so.

    So I guess everything works fine now.
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    It's normal I received only now this notification? After 40m
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    @davide yeah, from my comment above, one of the queues was backed up from this change.
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    I think the server is on pretty high load right now haha.
    My smartwatches vibrates nearly constantly due to all the push notifications!
    send help

    // edit
    It stopped.
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    I take this opportunity to say that for weeks I was left without notifications ... Now everything works great. Great fix!
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    Thanks for the information!
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    Haha cool. I just got a ton of notifications all at once and then it's all normal now, thanks!
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    I got about 50 of them at once yesterday...
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    I got tons of notification too😁
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    @rEaL-jAsE https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/...
    It is real, and not a new word either. The meaning and usage has expanded over the years.
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    It must be so satisfying to push out bug fix updates to a community of programmers lol

    I love the description of the cause. You would never see that in an app to end users..

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