Got my VisionTek Radeon 7750 today! Held my breath during the amd drivers installation on Linux (KDE Neon) but it all went well.

Rebooted, all screens (4 right now? upgrading to 6 soon) black.

Closed eyes, opened after 10 seconds and BAM, first display is working.

After some settings tweaking I've got 4 monitors up and running now, waiting for new hardware for two more.

Also waiting for a hex monitor stand ❤.

AMD, thanks for providing stable and working drivers for Linux for free!

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    So closing your eyes fixed the issue. I must try that some time.
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    Is your setup fsf complete though? Congrats either way!
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    YAS i'm always waiting this story
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    Cool. Congrats. I finally found a fix for my Xwayland crashing so yeah today is a good day for me too. Oh wayland come here.
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    @dontPanic AND drivers aren't but going to try out an OS which comes with free softwares only.
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    @linuxxx Oh? Which one?
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    @Jilano PureOS! (credits to @-Tor for pointing it out to me)
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    @linuxxx Looks good! I'll be waiting for your feedback on it, then.

    Thank you both
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    @linuxxx fedora comes with only free software/drivers/plugins too.
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    @HarleyQuinn I know but I'm a debian person :)
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    @linuxxx wait, what drivers do you use for that card?

    AmdGpu is as far as I know, opensource, and in the kernel already.
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    @RageBone It didn't work with the default drivers, working with the ones from the official download page of this gpu!
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    @davenall FSF approved distros are meant to for people who WANT to have a completely libre experience, or as proof that it is possible to make everything libre. It’s still possible to install proprietary software, just not with distro-ready methods.
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    Sleeping a whole night didn't fix my gpu driver issues 😭
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