We work in VDI environment, that likes to nuke itself randomly and takes with it all the hardwork for the week.

I came up with one solution -

Name - Fsync.sh

Task - backs up all your work to a common shared network drive. This backup is in deltas to reduce network load and to save space.

How? I used git!
It gets the code changes from existing cloned repos & it git inits in folders like Documents & downloads.

Git tracks the changes for me :D

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    For a regional government we are also working via VDI (to access their dev/qa/prod environments).

    Fun part: we can access them only using a browser, and since we are using OSX, the only supported browser is Sa-fucking-fari.
    With the last update (mojave), everything broke (mostly, Java..) and we weren't able to access their environments to fix bugs.
    They weren't really happy :/

    But yeah, VDI (for my experience) sucks, and the guys who planned to use it should be executed.
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    @taglia I am currently in a place where source code can be edited via Apache Guacamole.. Horrible experience..
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    @bpaul never heard of it. I took a look on what it is, and it may be the same thing we are using :/
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