I discovered an interesting thing yesterday. I had a more aggravating day than I usually do, and I took it home with me. I usually get frustrated coding, which doesn’t make any sense because a clear mind solves problems better.

I thought about the fact I was upset to an unreasonable degree and figured it out. The issue? I take the fact there’s a problem excessively personally, and let it cloud my thinking.

So, to the angry programmers out there. It’s just code, don’t let it anger you. If you get angry at your code, you are taking it far too personally.

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    I have never gotten angry at code.
    Frustrated to tears, but never angry.
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    I've gotten very angry at the other person who wrote the code.
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    I stay angry with my code. But, of course, it is written in Python. 😉

    Seriously, you’re right. I think we all need to chill sometimes. 🙂
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