I'll never become good friends with svn.

git > svn

Any day, any time.

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    I only worked with once for 10 minutes then I went to boss and told him: Please save my life and switch to git.

    I was lucky he agreed having that I was only three weeks in that job lol
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    I hate svn too.

    But keep in mind though that there are _some_ advantages of svn, especially for small teams (non remote) teams where also some not highly technical people have to have access to the repo(it has a good GUI).
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    @xzvf since versioning is only a helper tool that shouldn't require effort, TortoiseSVN is a big reason why we are using SVN in my company. Plus that I still remember how to do things if I havn't checked in stuff for a few weeks.
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    Just be glad you never had to use CVS.
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    You'll love SVN once you see SCCS
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