Learning New Design Patterns...

When all you've got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Arg.

Recently, my code in almost any controller is like so:

return (new MyFancyClass($param))->methodThatHandlesIt();

that can't be the solution to everything.... although it kind of is
how can I beef up on patterns and avoid crushing a screw into the wall without realizing it's not a nail

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    might not be a rant.. .maybe a question... probably should recategorize this
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    @rant1ng That is some A+ Stackoverflowing right there. Well done. Nice self burn ^_^
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    Try spicing up your sex (oops, I mean dev) life by hammering an allen wrench into the wall using a screwdriver!

    I may be in a bit of a taciturn mood, so you should disregard this advice. You should also disregard THAT advice and give it a shot. The Kama Sutra wasn't written without spraining a few elbows!
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