You know what just gets to me about garbage-collected languages like c# and Java? Fucking dynamic memory allocation (seemingly) on the stack. Like it's so bizzare to me.

"Hey, c#, can I have an array of 256 integers during run-time?"

"Ya sure no prob"

"What happens when the array falls out of scope"

"I gotchu fam lol"

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    Garbage collection is an interesting research topic and a nice knowledge to have. I suggest you give it a deeper look.
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    ? Isn't that good? It just marks that memory as reusable just like c++ except in c, you can also write to any address and possibly crash the app?
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    @billgates @Teabagging4Life I never said it was bad. I learned Java before c. I just said it gets to me
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    @AlgoRythm gets to me != Gets me/pisses me off?
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    @billgates A lot of the way I speak replies on the tone of my voice and not word choice. In this case I meant it's an odd concept to me. Not difficult or wrong, just odd
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    @billgates Our idioms are fucking confusing, sorry. “Gets to me” roughly means “Makes me feel something”. Depending on the context that ‘something’ can be “murderous rage”, “a sense of wonder”, or “deep compassion”.
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    @Diactoros yes but when you combine it next to "fucking" it's pretty confusing and made me read it as meaning "gets me"
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