Seems like my heavy Desktop-PC became portable for a x24 download-speed 😂

*80 GB for GTA V Steam-Version are worth it...

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    No ethernet in your room?
    Get an expesive wireless card you've a great AP.
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    Now that would be a cool PC if its was running Linux. Poor beautiful hardware running windows. just sad.
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    And that looks like AMD ryzen 7 and RX GPU. Those are running awesome on Linux. (Tested myself since i got full AMD laptop with ryzen 5 2500U and RX 560X).

    You cant play on linux you say ?

    You are fucking wrong. All games on ultra or high !!!!

    Even those running in wine.
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    Looks like my Armageddon case
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    It is a Ryzen 7 but with a GTX 1060 6gb GPU. It runs Windows for Gaming and OneNote. I am running Debian on my notebook.
    If there is a serious OneNote alternative for Linux I wouldn't use Windows anymore.
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    @Haxk20 any well known driver issues for ryzen 7 2700 on Linux? I need a workstation at home, but I can’t afford i7 😭
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    @sunfishcc not as far as i know
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