I've just got a new job, and I'm SUPER NERVOUS...

it's everyone like that or just me ?!
It's a back-end JOB !!

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    it's normal to be nervous. Trust your skills and knowledge, and the nervousness will pass. ­čśŐ
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    Don't be afraid. First days are diving in. Then you'll have a bit more confidence.
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    @CoffeeNcode the problem is: the more you know, you learn how much you not know.
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    @stop but when you learn than no one knows much you can be calm and just do your work.
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    @irene my last "job" were an environment, payed by the state, were i got through the final tests (which are the hardest in the organisation which makes and controlls them) by luck, luck, luck, hard work without much help, LaTeX. did i mentioned am huge portion of luck?
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    Fair Nah this must be excitement
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