I'm starting to get the impression that ranting about Arch (and its users) is way more popular than actually using it. Can we stop that shit and just let people use whatever the fuck works for them? That type of ranting is unoriginal and it gets tiresome to read about after a while.
I'm one step away from programming a blocker for PHP / Arch related bashing content.

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    Of course anyone should use what works for them (if allowed) and bash on things (pun intended) but then they should at least come with proper arguments :)
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    The best part about seeing loads of PHP and Arch rants is that my phone screen gets cleaner from all the swiping i have to do in order to avoid reading them. 🤓

    @linuxxx Nice pun! 🤣
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    Well, I am a Gentoo guy and likewise do not understand the odd popularity of "Arch Bashing".
    Arch is cool! Not as cool as Gentoo, but still cool.
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    Lol ranting about people ranting about stuff
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    @atomicTurtle yep. as the tag says, it's a meta rant ;)
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    @linuxxx like... Windows? -
    Some flamewars might be fun to watch, but OSWars feels like.. acceptable for six year olds who make their first solo visit to YouTube. (LKML is more entertaining then)
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    @phorkyas Why would OS 'flame wars' be absolutely out of the question? Why can't people just have discussions about what they think about operating systems?

    And yes, I'll bash on windows (and macos for that matter) till my damn grave.
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    @linuxxx would give 100 ++ if I could! 😁
    Discussions are okay. Even bouts of Bashing are okay, as discussions about subjects that mean something to the participants tend to get them... heated...

    I can only speak for myself, but after the eternal flamewars of my time (*), I just feel too old to go into any new ones with that narrow sightedness needed to fight a proper flamewar. 🤔

    (*) :
    - Amiga versus Atari
    - Borland versus Microsoft
    - Linux versus Windows
    - Apple versus Everyone who wish to keep their souls
    - Gnome versus KDE

    You are free to guess on which side I fought where. 😉
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    @linuxxx What the OS should do - from a user perspective isn't that just give me access to the hardware but through some layers that abstract away the 'unnecessary' details?
    Well, there ways part and I essentially hate all the ways they deal with it:
    Windows - most stuff is somewhere in settings, accessible through GUI but hidden elsewhere depending on version or just cramped somewhere in the hives
    Linux - there is no abstraction, unimportant stuff, everything is pipebable command with more options than a swiss army knife
    MacOS - we inherit some of the nix stuff but try to shun the user from the details in the worst imaginable ways (e.g. not printing pipe and curly braces on the frigin keyboard, per default hiding the access to the full hard disk in GUI, obscure screenshot key combinations etc.)

    So on MacOS hate we can agree?
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