Love it when developers leave Vue in dev mode.

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    @Bitkris Yes. You can check it for yourself over at MyAnimeList ( https://myanimelist.net/ ).
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    It's more common than you imagine and not restricted to vue.
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    Thanks for the reminder... brb, gotta deploy... something... <_< o_o >_> 😇 😎
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    @mt3o I know, and it's not really the point I was trying to make. The same site recently got hacked, where we found out passwords were stored in plain text, if I remember correctly. Feels like they should have learned their lesson thanks to that, but clearly they haven't, considering they've left Vue in dev mode.
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    I guess it's the kind of fun you get by having underpaid developers...
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    If I don't get wrong, okcupid has React in dev mode
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    wow! that color scheme (and UI) is gorgeous 😱😱😍😍
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