Are you in Team Hyphens or Team Dashes?

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    What's the difference, besides geography?
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    Hyphen for text, dash for code.
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    @mt3o I sometimes get caught off guard when I ask someone to give me a URL/code/script/etc in tech and says Hyphens instead of Dashes.

    Much like saying pound sign instead of hashtags. Pound signs for phones. Hashtags for everything else.
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    Team "don't givafuck"
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    # is a hash symbol
    #tag is a hashtag
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    The hyphen, en-dash and em-dash all have their place.
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    I thought that people in different regions, like USA and UK or even US north and south, use different names for the same thing. One learns all the time.

    Speaking of # what's with the "hash" and "bang" names? I know that 'sharp' has vertical lines straight and is used in music.
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    Bang is an exclamation mark ❗ @mt3o
    Also 18 other names mentioned in this article for ! : https://theatlantic.com/amp/...
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    Dude am I the only one who says it as "tack" , everyone I know in the cybersec industry seems to say it that way as well
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