Getting told that technology is bullshit and that humans have forgotten how to interact with each other (meaning being social) by people from the same age bracket that throw a fit because they can't use said technology is both hilarious and infuriating.

Seriously, aren't these old farts more concerned with things such as starbucks not putting "merry Christmas" on their fucking red cups? Am I supposed to take their shit seriously? No the fuck I am not, and neither should you.

If your old ass can't work how your fucking smartphone works, or have a haaaaard time trying to select Netflix from your smart tv app selection then the problem is not my generation. Its your dumbass for not keeping up.

Its fine if you don't want to use technology, fuck if I care. But you ain't winning this shit because of your preferences regarding technology.

Also, telling me that I am wrong for wearing my headphones at the gym to shut people off. Wtf dude, not everyone wants to fucking talk to others all the time, specially during gym time. I am there to work out and get sexy af, not to ask you how your fucking day went, I don't know u, i don't want to know you, you already showed me how fucking close minded and uninteresting you can be, why the fuck should I give that shit a chance?

Fuck outta here with that shit. He went on to tell me that software is made by people with 0 social skills. Booooooy I would have your granddaughter(she is my age) any day of the fucking week and you can tell me if we lack "social skills"


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    Yeah, all true.

    But there are things you learn when you get older that just take age and experience, you should never take that for granted.

    How do I know?

    I'm 39...and when I was in my early twenties, thought the same as you.

    Tech might change the world, but humans haven't changed for thousands of years now.

    Don't shut out the older generation bc they can't work a phone. There's shit to be learned there
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    @rant1ng not saying there is nothing to be learnt there. I sit down and listen to my elders, the big difference is that the ones that I listen to don't completely shut shit off and generalize because of their close mindedness.

    I am also not that young(not early 20s). I have 2 kids and have been working since I was 16(currently 27) I am not saying I know everything, but know well enough to be able to detect close minded fucktards like the one I was talking to.
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    Yeah he did sound like an asshole though.

    And you know, that belief, that people who code have no social skills, is probably responsible for a lot of misery among young programmers.

    Sounds a lot like "programmers aren't people like you and I so fucking pay them nothing who cares, they won't say shit"
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    As Dan Aykroyd said, as Austin Milbarge, as Dr. Greenberg, in Spies Like Us: "We mock what we do not understand."

    People who have been passed by, by technology are frightened, and when frightened many people will lash out at what frightens them. They do not seek to understand, but to dismiss.
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    @bahua beautifully put man
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    @rant1ng it seems like it would be the case for him :(
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    Im just here to say i still cant get over how you have kids in your 20s
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    Agreed. I was 38 when my son was born, and 40 when my daughter was born(two weeks ago). I kinda regret it, but not really. I loved my 20s and 30s.
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    @ganjaman At this point I'm fairly certain that this is all a conspiracy and he's actually a meat popsicle.
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    That one was... difficult. But such people exist, and will continue to exist.
    Hell, one of us might become like that when reaching 70+ ourselves!

    But let me tell you a tiny little story:
    I worked as a "PC Trainer" in 1998. Basically I went to people helping their Windows to work with the installed hardware.
    But one guy was the best:
    He was over 90, and thought he needed a new hobby. So he booked me for three individual sessions to teach him to use his computer.
    That man worked as a mariner all his life and had never touched a computer before getting that one.
    It was very difficult for him to wrap his head around all these "alien concepts", but he was also very determined to learn something new to keep his mind fit.

    That man surely made it into the top 10 of my respect list!

    Oh, in the end he was able to do basic maintenance, use Microsoft Office, surf the web and understood that "E-Mail thing". 😊
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    @Yamakuzure It's insane what determination and will can achieve. Unfortunately, most people don't even bother and just want things to go their way by magic.
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    @Jilano can confirm that I am indeed a meat popsicle
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    @bahua @ganjaman oooh they were not planned.

    I like sex.
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    Whend i say they were planned if i got a whore pregnant id yeet the mf to oblivion
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    @ganjaman i didn't get a whore pregnant, so I have no clue what that meant lmao
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