*removes Paint 3D as well as a bunch of other apps that I never use*
*Windows shits the bed every now and then again, BSOD here and there like the usual piece of shit it is*
After a few of those occurences..

Windows: Oh look, you want to open this PNG image? Well I guess that I'll open it in my newly (re)installed Paint 3D!!!

Me: For real, Microshit. Just how pushy can you fucking be. If I want to edit images, I'll just use the "legacy" fucking Paint for that, thanks!!! No need to convince me anymore, and get this 3D shit out of my fucking system already!!!

PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> Get-AppxPackage *paint* | Remove-AppxPackage


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    Wot? Wtf is wrong with your windows install? The reinstalling is bullshit and happens everywhere but 9pening a png in paint 3d? BSOD that often?
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    @epse "it's a feature" I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @Condor mind-boggling
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    Don't know where ya'all get those juicy bsods from
    I had like one or two with my setup, once because of failing hardware and the other one was a broken driver
    It's not only "works for me", but we have a few hundred out in the wild in various scenarios for customers and there's maybe one or two devices that need to be replaced / reimaged (a month) because god knows what the users are doing to those things
    Yes, Windows 7 was a bit more stable in my experience, but it's not a big deal to handle. Also uninstalled apps stay uninstalled
    Don't get me wrong - I'm using Linux as my main shit everyday and keep windows (and everything else) virtualized wherever I can, but I can't get my head around how so many people can possibly fuck up a system where it crashes "like everyday" on them
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    @Kimmax For me, Windows 10 fucked up my graphics drivers beyond repair and crashed multiple times per day.
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    @PrivateGER are you sure that's Windows problem? Or shitty routines in the driver / installer that blow up when something isn't as expected?
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    @Kimmax I've recently reinstalled Windows on this machine, and have a tendency to keep it clean of software and drivers, so I find it hard to imagine that I somehow fucked it up, given that I'm a purist (which by the way is the reason why I removed Paint 3D as well). User error doesn't look to be the case here. Failing hardware? Who knows, it's the Taiwanese fuckers from Acer that made this shit after all. And the exhibit A that proved the contrary - Linux running rock solid on this machine - was from over a year ago, so things may have changed. That said, the only reason why I don't go that route again is because I've learned that X doesn't like my ultrawide monitor, and that Nvidia likes Linux even less.

    Windows doesn't work for me when it's featureful as it is (cancerous conhost keybindings, JMRP instead of RBL and I could go on for eternity about its little IE-like features scattered all across its ecosystem). Of course seeing Paint 3D magically being reinstalled without my approval doesn't help much. I thought it was only a thing in Candy Crush Soda Saga, but I was very wrong.
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    @Kimmax After a random crash, the Nvidia drivers were absolutely destroyed. Couldn't uninstall them either.
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    @PrivateGER oh yeah, I walked that isle lol
    All I got from the support is a rather long ridiculous chat history 😂
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    @Condor I highly recommend you to use Windows LTSC 2019 if you need to have a Windows machine. Works (almost) as expected.

    Can provide you with a link if needed.
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    @Jilano if possible, please do! You can reach me anywhere@paint3d.devrant @nixmagic.com.
    (hopefully this catch-all is something that only humans can understand, replace whatever was there before the at with my username)
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    @Condor The deed is done.
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    @Jilano it should arrive in about half an hour then :D thanks!!
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    @Condor Haha, sounds good enough! Don't hesitate to respond if needed
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    @Jilano The deed is done :P
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    @Condor Yay! You can still tweak things here and there, but the base should be a lot cleaner than the other versions!
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    @Kimmax sometimes Windows crashed on my laptop because touchpad drivers were written improperly (it did that when I was disconnecting the mouse from my laptop)
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