I am quiet these days although I had few materials to write about. Like my journey of devdesk. I bought a proper chair. New mouse and got a mechanical keyboard. Work is fine but it is definitely not lack of rant-worthy moments. I had deactivated my Facebook and I wasn't that active on any other social network from the start. So all the more reason for me to be active here.

But turn out I'm not. I was thinking about it and this is my outcomes.

1) I'm focusing more on my tasks after adoption and practicing pomodoros technique. Hence using devrant lesser.

2) My right hand was literally unusable and unmovable for two times in past 5 weeks. Hence using phone lesser.

3) There was that notifications bug period and I thought people were just quiet like me. Hence more reasons to be less active.

4) devRant algo is good but not smart. It knows that I have a relation with PHP. But it doesn't know that I don't hate PHP. >>> How many times a week can you listen/ignore to people saying "Hey your wife is a silicone doll?" Fuck you. I know. But I'm married to my silicone doll. So fuck off. <<< PHP is just an example. I literally close devrant whenever I see "(noun) is (something negative)" posts.

My hand will fully recover soon. (I do hope so). My tasks will not always be super overwhelming. The app's bugs are getting fixed.

However I have a doubt about the last point.

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