Linux 4.20-rc1 + Raven Ridge = LOVE + SPEED

Seriusly this is amazing. GNOME runs faster. Games run about 2-3 fps faster and its just great.
Cant wait for other rc versions

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    Been a while since I did rc builds.. so we've already come that far eh.. 4.20 :3 maybe I should pick it up again. But I'd really need to figure out a way to apply live patching first. Compilation times are one thing, but server uptime...
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    @Condor I know ubuntu did live patching and its cool i guess but ccache is the way to go for me.

    And if you have new AMD CPU or GPU then surely jump for rc1 because its freaking fast for me compared to 4.19
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    @Haxk20 On one machine I've got an AMD APU.. currently it's still running 4.17.12 if memory serves me right. Time to compile another one :)

    Ubuntu livepatching never really attracted me because they offer it at a premium, something which - when coming from a maintainer, not a developer - seems wrong. If the Linux kernel development team were to do so, I'd buy it. But not when Canonical does, when all they do is distributing (which is intensive in its own right, but not when it comes to kpatch, the main dev work is done upstream). I'd rather crack it and implement my own, based on the patches from upstream.
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    @Condor They actually charge for that ? Like wtf ???? IDK how they did it but im pretty sure somebody already done an alternative to it. I will start to duck the way trough the web
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    @Haxk20 They do.. premium service apparently because it's tailored at the server market. They could've just asked their money from something else.. but charging for Livepatch they did.
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    @Condor Ohhhhhh i see. It isnt that you actually just apply the patch to the kernel. It compiles the kernel for you but the resoult is a kernel and a module that you can then use as a "patch". Basically compiles patch to a loadable patch but basically useless. Only if you want to do certain stuff.
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    @Haxk20 I have a Raven Ridge APU too.
    Any instabilities so far?
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    wow man 3 fps!!!

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    @rememberme no actually no. It was stable for me on 4.19 and 4.20 just made it just better.
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    @vlatkozelka its probably more but i hit 60 fps cap in games now and well cant test more. But i did geekbench benchmark on my laptop with that raveridge and well it preforms better then windows already. And by a lot actually. Just search my username on geekbench. And then search that laptop on windows. Linux is much much much better. Even when i run GNOME its better then windows by quite bit.
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    @Haxk20 I was kidding

    My 1080ti gains like 4fps when I add 150mhz to it. So gaining that much just by changing OS is a lot.
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    @vlatkozelka not changing OS but kernel only. And yeah its impresive. And thats without AMD freesync because its not in kernel yet. 5.0 will add it. Also raven ridge will have some better attery life on 5.0 since shutter mode and well lot of power stuff. So im excited for that. SystemD should also finally upgrade to 240 since that 239 at start makes me feel sick already. I like round numbers.
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    And yeah i should overclock my RX560X already.
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    @Haxk20 Any experience with Nvidia on Linux? I remember it was a nightmare with Ubuntu 18

    If games become more and more available for Linux I'd love to make the switch
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    @vlatkozelka i hate Nvidia from my heart. From what i heard its still pain. When i was ordering my laptop i had two options:
    1. Nvidia and intel
    2. AMD AMD

    And i went with full AMD of course. And im fucking happy i did.
    Its amazing.
    And about games. You can run almost any game you want now at almost native. DXVK is purely fucking amazing. Native games are getting better.

    Linux is future OS of gaming.
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    @Haxk20 Might try it out in the weekend then
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    @vlatkozelka by "almost native" he means 70-80% performance of native one.
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