So a follow up on my post yesterday, I had a brain flash.

Basically it bypasses a webpage with JS that redirects the browser on mobile browsers so I can actually get to the download page for the anime.

Before I still had to paste the starting but now I just download the anime site to get all the latest updates.

The key was actually getting the information from the page. What I realized was I don't need Title or Episode #. All I need is the URL because it's in there (at least for now). The site probably should've used ids instead but :)

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    This was what it looked like yesterday.

    Had to paste 1 of the (full) URLs now listed so have to visit the site and then copy the link.

    Guess this is like evolution of code/project:
    1. Wireframe and implement basics
    2. Minor improvements
    3. Completely remove #1 but reusing some of the code in the backend functions
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    My evolution is

    Write it dirty, procedural, while being mindful of any design patterns that might come to mind

    If a structure comes to mind draw it out or use them as you think of them

    refactor as things get harder to maintain or read or organize
    Take a break
    Implement a high level refactor

    Take time off

    Refactor again in the morning and retest

    Marvel at own genius
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