Any Devs after college (CS)? Does studying CS at University made you a better developer, better person? Was it a waste of time? Looking for any motivation, attending college in my country is free

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    @gintko I'm in college yet all my friends spend all their time studying and none on programming for fun so I don't have anyone to do projects with neither :(
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    @gintko but drinking buddies are available 24h/7
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    if it's free, I'd say try it. But I also like taking opportunities.

    Uni's usually also have cool projects and tons of research groups through which you could have access to state of the art technology, be it VR or Robotics. This is something you might not find that easily on the job market, and is usually worth looking into.

    If you simply want to be an admin later on or web dev, then you probably don't need the degree, since universities teach lots of theory usually which you won't need for that (likely).

    I'm sure I offended someone...
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