Every damn time.

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    Me. Every fucking day.
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    Hasn't been any different since I started working.
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    Same. Also, I'm forced to use Vista... Kill me please!
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    I was actually comfortable with this until I had a good teacher - then I got pissed off that all teachers weren't that good. The taste of the forbidden fruit ruined my desire to teach myself.
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    Enjoy being in the workforce. That's everyday.
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    @kostre why would you ever still be using vista?
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    I once had a lecturer like that who offered to help me debug a problem. I insisted I leave the lab with my laptop at that point, with a serious case of the nopes
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    @Oceas my school have pc's using vista... They are slowly buying better computers. I don't have patience for this shit, so now I'm carrying my own laptop ;)
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    fuckin' true and i hate it coz it basically happens with all teachers
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    This was part of college for me...
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    If teachers were all knowingly awesome, they'd still be in industry.

    That said, they do more to help people than I ever have.
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    'On the job training'
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    @chrizzle if only more teachers are like my department's chairperson then.

    she used to alternate between the industry and the academe before becoming chair, in order to learn something new from the industry and then teach those new things in the academe.
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    @kapalaran sounds like a great teacher.
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    That's pretty much at least one of my subjs, in both theoric and exercise classes (they're separated). The teacher of the theorics explains the subj for the class and writes things down on the black board at the same time and then expects us to efficiently do both; the other day a girl had a doubt about something he had said before, but we're not sponges for crying out loud, and he was condescending to her, a bit on the annoyed side, because he "had already explained that". And didn't explain it again.
    Also, when asked to post the PPs he showed in the first classes he gets mad and says, again, that he "explained that". The thing is, you either listen or write down what's on the PP, and most teachers pass to the next slide way too fast for you to copy, but they end up online later. I kinda understand his point but come on. I'm stuck on a recap because of that crap.
    And my exercises teacher is the worse on the uni, or so I've been told. I dread when I think I have to go to those classes
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    Not to mention his handwriting is hands down unreadable at times
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    This is me. Right now. Smh
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    This extends past just CS... I've lost count of how many times I've cotrectecs a teacher...
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