Started a new job, they handed me a new phone and asked me to have my 2 phones with me all the time. So sad technology for putting 2 SIM cards in one phone has not been invented yet. Oh wait

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    Hm hm yeah very sad, said she, being on a phone with two sim cards inside it
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    I actually got the choice between a company phone and doing a dual sim thing or just using my personal phone.

    Chose the company phone so I'm now walking around with two phones, but:

    - WhatsApp required by the company: refuse to install it on my personal phone so that's a no-go.
    - I can literally leave my work phone at home in the weekends/vacations :)
    - can't accidentally expose my private number when calling clients.

    Love it!
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    @linuxxx interesting, I haven't thought of the life/work separation argument.
    Why not WhatsApp ?
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    @MeanStreet Owned by Facebook which is a company which has its services integrated within the biggest mass surveillance network ever created so I'd rather not use it :)

    (message contents are encrypted, metadata is not and this still reveals a lot about a person)
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