I really like listening to rap, especially older tracks. I started writing some verses a few months ago, nothing mind blowing but still decent. At least I think it's decent.

Is there anyone wanting to rap-battle against me? The rules are easy:insult each others as much as we can. We can use each others avatars, usernames, rants or comments. After we both do that, someone else decides the winner and can battle against one of us or somebody else.

Lets go!

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    My name is ganjaman and im here to say

    I hope youre having a wonderful day
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    I can tell you right now, nothing is better at insulting me than my thoughts.
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    What was it like losing world war 2?
    Not as bad as what I'm about to do.
    Justice from Romania, what is this satire?
    Rappin' ain't easy, give up now...retire.
    Your avatar's empty just like your head.
    My avatar's full just like my bed.
    Gettin chicks on the daily.
    Flexin' my skills, I'm not lazy.
    You think you know how to rap.
    I'm here to show you you're crazy.
    74++s and you're up in our face?
    Asking us to give you a challenge,
    you really wanna race?
    It's like mini-me tryin' touch my 6'4 face.
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    Well, you were supposed to insult me, but I'll see what I can do.

    Thanks for that man

    But a trip to Japan

    Is the only way

    I'll have a nice day

    My moral is now low

    Solving bugs is so slow

    More are coming

    It's an overflow

    Bugs in every line

    A bug in this rhyme

    Bugs all the time
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    Better eat some thyme

    Im not good at rap

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    What's it like losing against me

    How does it feel being my enemy?

    Even when I'll retire I'll keep on spitting fire

    Your lines were good now they backfire

    Bitch shut that mouth up and admire

    You'll wish you could eat your words

    I took them, turned them around, now they are swords

    And they are in my hands ready to be used

    Like your life is ready to be loosed

    Flexing with your 1288 reputation

    People gave it as a donation

    To you cause you're poor

    A man with desilusions of grandeur

    Racing against me you'll lose your breath

    Like that time when you were on meth

    Now you are again close to death

    Cause you went on a race you cant win

    You're chicks are now a has-been

    Everybody on devrant has seen

    How murders begin!
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    You sound like a prehistoric nomad.
    Grammar and spelling so bad,
    I thought I was reading a 2 year old's notepad.
    It's only a delusion if it's not true,
    and no one needs a donation like you.
    Your personal attacks are about as whack,
    as your mom who has sex for crack.
    Take me to her work, it's only a short hike.
    I could really use some new tassels for my bike!
    Throw the white flag, bow down...
    or devrant will see you're just a clown.
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    A notepad? We know you can't read

    I talked to your mother and she agreed

    To take my dick and my seed

    Now she'll have 2 kids to feed.

    I saw her body, completely nude

    Now you know you're screwed

    You shouldn't have started this feud

    Life was easy when I wasn't around

    Smoking weed till you hit the ground

    Having eveything you could want

    I was a ghost, now I'm ready to haunt.

    But that life is long gone and buried

    I sorted my shit, I got maried

    Only one problem left to go

    You and your fucking mother, my ex-hoe

    What happened, is anything wrong?

    Too afraid too respond?

    Can't rap about me?

    That's fine, praise me in a song!

    So stop this exotic escapade

    Bitch you've been played

    Say a prayer to god

    And be afraid
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    You want to poke my mom with your dick?
    You couldn't even please a flea,
    let alone your wife with that toothpick.
    Don't pretend you can afford to have kids.
    Last paycheck so small, you spent it all on 1 tube of chapstick!
    I know PHP devs have it rough,
    but you make my life look like a picnic.
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    @Jifuna what is that dot?
    Your brain you fuck?
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    Claiming I've a small dick
    Oh no no you prick
    Ask your momma
    How I left her in a comma
    After i fucked her vagina
    With my great wall of china

    I dont have money
    Oh man that's so funny
    While your mom calls me honey

    These battles I learned something
    I can see you're like myself
    Back when I was twelve
    How's that you might ask
    Let me answer real fast
    Oh man you see you're not a guy
    You're just a primitive ai
    I designed you when I was 5
    I wanted to represent your IQ in a bool
    But ended up leaving it as NULL
    That's why you're such a fool.

    You still have time
    No need to say any line
    I know you hate your life
    Come on drop the mic
    Pic the knife
    End your life, just suicide
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    You're obsessed with my mom like your wife don't exist,
    I'm not worried, you're at the bottom of her list.
    If you try to make a move,
    She'll hit you with a cease and desist.
    Speaking of moms, let's talk about yours.
    Pregnant by the first guy she ever kissed.
    Your dad === your grandpa,
    How's that for a fucked up twist.
    I've talked about your dick, money, and birth.
    Let's see what's next on my checklist:
    Ah fuck it, you get the gist.
    The class is now over, you're dismissed.
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    @Stebner55 Prehistoric nomad?!...
    That verse was lit!
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    @Hubot-0x58 There's no such thing as a prehistoric homad. First nomads lived around 7000BC.
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    @Justice I was referring to the first 5 lines of that verse. It was funny and rhymed well.
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    Prehistoric just means before written record. "Of relating to the epoch before written record.". Nomads are prehistoric.
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    Yes I did google it. You know, google is a wonderful tool. Maybe you should use it yourself

    Edit:Editing your comment so you can google? Come on.

    Have you ever heard about the prehistoric epoch?
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    Link? Because you're wrong.
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    The first nomadic pastoral society developed in the period from 8,500–6,500 BC in the area of the southern Levant.[citation needed] There, during a period of increasing aridity, Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) cultures in the Sinai were replaced by a nomadic, pastoral pottery-using culture, which seems to have been a cultural fusion between a newly arrived Mesolithic people from Egypt (the Harifian culture), adopting their nomadic hunting lifestyle to the raising of stock.
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    What makes that line so genius is that nomads couldn't read or write. They were pre-reading and writing.
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    It's still fundamentaly wrong. And no, it's a good line but not genius
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    I wish someone else would chime in, because you're completely misguided. Nomads were prehistoric. Your snippet doesn't disprove it at all.

    "The date marking the end of prehistory in a particular culture or region, that is, the date when relevant written historical records become a useful academic resource, varies enormously from region to region. For example, in Egypt it is generally accepted that prehistory ended around 3200 BC, whereas in New Guinea the end of the prehistoric era is set much more recently, at around 1900 AD. In Europe the relatively well-documented classical cultures of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome had neighbouring cultures, including the Celts and to a lesser extent the Etruscans, with little or no writing, and historians must decide how much weight to give to the often highly prejudiced accounts of these "prehistoric" cultures in Greek and Roman literature."
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    Wanna hear something kinky?

    That'll make you fall quickly?

    Your mother still has her virginity

    You are the product

    Of a perverted act

    when 2 man decided to fuck

    Her in the park

    They first tried the clit

    But the dick didn't fit

    So they made a hole in her stomach

    She was struggling but all of the sudden

    She went quiet like somebody pushed a button

    Calm like that she took it in

    2 months later you came out

    Looking horrific and sick, but

    She decided to raise you up

    That's why you are this way

    A man like you couldn't get women

    So had to become gay

    What do you now say?

    My problems are child-play

    Yours can ruin anyone's day

    They can't be stored in an array

    So we'll have to find another way

    To do it quick cause you're in a decay

    Your state gets worse when you open your mouth to say

    To say, to boast and to try to roast

    Me with your simple rhyming schemes

    And stuff you see in your dreams.
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    I have like 4 concurrent projects right now. Hard to find time to respond lol. Sorry.
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    Oh ok no problem. I have some work to do as well but fortunately not that much
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    Yea, I wish some of these were wrapped up.

    Recently started building a custom CMS for a client, need to start a quick form for a restaurant to accept payments online, half done with an ETL project, and about 75% through a custom CRM (been a year and a half now...ugh...it's massive).
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