Currently rewriting a typescript app to ES5

You read that right, from typescript 2.9 to ES5, not ES6 or 7, just ES5

I guess the boss doesn’t like modern stuff

On the bright side, i contacted some recruiters today and there are already 2 companies who want me over for an interview

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    Cant you just use babel with preset es5??
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    @Kekica Yeah, Babel is a pretty ubiquitous tool. Not really any argument in using anything but the latest stable release when you can target anything else.
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    @AlmondSauce I havent used babel in a while (a year or so) but I know I used it for compile (trinspile?) new ES6 in ES5 so all fancy code was supported in all browsers and I think OP can use the same for typescript -> ES5 migration.
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    I feel the same in my job. Havent found other offers yet tho
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    @Kekica No we can not :)
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    But... TypeScript can just target to ES5...
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    @jelleken I think the real solution here is to change your boss's mind
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    @Kekica I convinced him to let us write the app in typescript and now that we’re half way he wants to write it back to es5 so i dont think there’s much chance of me changing his mind a second time
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    @jelleken Typescript is much "better", in my opinion (I hate loosely typed languages), but I can see the business case for using plain JS - more devs understand plain JS for instance, so future hiring is likely to be easier / require less training.

    What I can't see the business case for is using an old version of JS, when tools like Babel exist...
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    @jelleken what are his arguments on using ES5?
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    @jelleken My ex boss was convinced that jQuery Mobile is way to go so I know how you feel xD
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