Quick history question: what was AlexDeLarge's old name?

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    I'm going to guess letmecode, I heard he left again too, don't really know why or whatever. I just remember seeing his name everywhere every time I logged in.
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    It was letmecode. Vaguely remember seeing it in the olden days when I first joined the app
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    It was the memes. Don't blame him, that's why I don't log on here as much as I used to.
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    @devrocket No.

    It wasn't just the memes.

    He said some shit about it being a time sink that left him more angry than before coming on here.

    Also, filters and the algo exist for a reason, fyi.
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    I am pretty sure it was IloveBigBlackPeePeesAndCode, but don't quote me on that.

    And if he ever comes back tag him so he can see this and confirm it.

    I miss that asshole.
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    Those where the good days, when he was still here...
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