Today, I had the greatest pleasure of doing something on my dev-bucketlist.

I actually did the following command

sudo rm -Rf /*

On a live, production server...

Boss told me “destroy the contents of this server, don’t need backups”

It was a dedicated hosted server we’ve had for years and it was no longer needed.

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    How I imagine this going...

    Woohoo, here I go! <executes command>

    Why's our live server offline?

    ...ah ****. Wrong server.
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    @AlmondSauce to be fair, I had to get the 3 other devs to watch, to make sure I wasn’t in the wrong place. And then we just watched the terminal output until it crashed...
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    I want to see the expression of you guys before hitting that enter button
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    I would have done sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda

    I've always wanted to try it on a live running linux machine
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    So, was the server crying 😭?
    Did it promise “ I’ll do better next time don’t turn me off”?
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    You know how it feels to kill now.
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    Didn't you need --no-preserve-root?
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    @TempestasLudi nope.

    Once it was done, I closed the terminal. Opens it up again and tried to ssh to server. No response.

    Using iDrac, couldn’t even get the hdd to boot.

    Success 👌🏻
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    @TempestasLudi that's a Debian thing.
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    @ewpratten no. Entire physical server.
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    @Observable I was replying to a comment. Not your rant.
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    @ewpratten I see that now. #idiot :)
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    @ewpratten Still no tho. Real hardware or nothing at all!!!! Maybe I'll do it when I'm building a server. Just make it wipe it, make it again.
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    You should have create a video of it... Share the pleasure
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    @Ximidar would that work without unmounting the disk?
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    @daniem10 dd isn't nicknamed "Disk Destroyer" for nothing. I don't think dd warns you at all. it just accepts sudo power and does what it is told.
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    @daniem10 I guess it might fail. I don't actually know enough about how dd works too definitively say. One day I'll try it out.
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    @Ximidar yes, dd is a sledge hammer. 😂🔨
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    You should have made it a live stream and invited us all to watch
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    @Ximidar have done it. Doesn't fail. Remember that everything needed is already in memory. Dd works on the disk or partition (if that is the device file provided as 'of') itself so mounts and fs are left completely out of the equation. It might help to stop as many services as possible so time is not spend in hanging/generating errors when fs on disk is trashed.
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    Make sure efivars aren't mounted rw or you brick the MB
    Btw systemd mounts them rw by default AFAIK :)
    I speak from experience
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