Got assigned to fix a bug in a validation function that would always return true even if the data is invalid.

I looked at the code from the function and noticed that the only line of code in the function was "return true;"

Apparently, the programmer who wrote this function a few years ago got fired and no one ever finished his work.

Now it amazes me that no one ever has looked at the problem and just assumed it would be a complicated bug.

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    Some real shit it is 🤣
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    That extends not just to coding but everything in companies / corporate life. Once I saw a payroll system which was paying full salaries to ex-employees, because the guy responsible for updating attrition to payroll was let go. So any attrition post his departure were still being paid.
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    @irene I Love You!
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    @irene Haha <3
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    @Cystal, @irene is a not women 😅
    Just FYI;
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    @gowtham I KNOW THAT HE IS NOT A GIRL!
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    @Cystal or am I? 🤔😳
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    Reminds me of a company that produced an API for its product.

    I say produced, what I really mean to say is, produced 90% of an API.

    The other 10%, the calls do nothing, because no ones written the code yet!

    Still, after 10 years..

    A new API is out soon, I wonder if its going to be 100% or will it be a 90% one again..

    Makes using their product really hard when you try and use a feature that makes use of an API that doesn't do anything..

    It used to work, before they built an API !

    Well, it still does, if you connect via the non-API route.

    But the API system over-rides the old system, so it breaks it.

    I complain, but no one does anything to fix it..

    Then they wonder why they dont' get new customers !

    Even after taking my "ridiculous" idea of giving customers free beer and putting it into practice !
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    Easiest bug fix ever 😎😁 no need to read code and look for holes, just delete and rewrite.
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    @irene I know you're not!
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