Looking for a bug.

Plugged headphone into my ears.

Suddenly part of code caught my attention, started debugging.

10 minutes of intense debugging, wondering why there's no music in my ear.

Realised I forgot to plug the headphone into my mobile :(

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    Never go full debug, it sucks when people disturb you after. Also we don't really need music. Just need to drown the noisy people around.
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    @A-0-C I want to share a beer with you! Can't agree more the importance of getting away from people!
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    Cheers! 🍻
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    @lwhken getting away from people or pushing them away.

    That's why sometimes, it's necessary not to take showers ;)
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    Every day!
    Every day I put my headphones on out of habit.
    Every day I forget to play music and just sit there coding.
    Every day I feel silly when, hours later, I find myself wondering where the music is.
    Every. Day.
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    After second sentence I imagined you putting the audio jack in one of your ears
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    Absolutely this happens all the time! I get annoyed at myself for not giving myself time to put the tunes on!
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    @Ashkin everyday when I wake up there's a gun shot!
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    Same song on repeat for an hour. Didn't even notice
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    Yes, I share my music also once in a while. But more often than not, I'll put on my headphones and forget to play the music.
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    I am putting headphones and music,go full debug mode and after 1 2 hours wonder where the music is gone? And then i hear it again.
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    @isRantOverflow Exactly same happened with me yesterday.
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    @jschmold I'm pretty similar 😇
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