Public sector. Guy wants to upload a PDF file into our system that exceeds our file size upload limit by a factor of more than 10. The PDF contains a lot of pictures.

His idea: print the hundreds of pages of the PDF on paper in b/w and scan it because b/w takes less space then colored pictures.

I am perplexed. He asked first though, so we could prevent the actual printing.

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    It's always amazing to follow the thought process of such organism. While not complex, it sure is a wonder of this world.
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    It is kind of interesting to know that he knows b/w takes less space than colored.
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    I'm not sure if I'm impressed or angered by the thought process here...
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    This is the kind of story you tell by a bonfire to scare dev children.
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    @rithvikp im pretty sure he would have scaned it in colored files :D
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    At least he was trying to think about the problem, apply some logic and propose a solution.
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    @notlikethis you're trying to write "old" aren't you?
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