It's just a prank bro

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    You’re ready to be a Java/JavaScript engineer with this kind of innovation!

    (The languages are not related, but their level of awfulness is so damn close)
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    @FrodoSwaggins according to HR/recruiters, they're the same anyway
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    @FrodoSwaggins Gahhh I want to tell you you're a fucking language snob, but a dude who enjoys JS (despite the fact that writing JavaScript is like taking a leisurely stroll through a minefield) should know better than to engage in discussions about languages.

    But let the record show that it's up to the programmer to write shitty code. You probably write some neat stuff in c and there are people who think it's a shitty language.

    PS. I want to end this comment by contradicting myself on all points and humbly confirm that Java IS indeed a shitty language. Peace!
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