Don't forget to give the developers the opportunity to innovate. Nobody wants to sit and type out the same structures day after day. That's not why we got into this job. We like solving problems. In my current team we set aside some time every sprint to spend on individual innovation. Super useful as it gives us the chance to break out from the standard chugging of the backlog and spend some time trying to solve some of the trickier problems and bringing improvements back to the product that we discovered by messing around with stuff. If you are reading this and you are in charge of a development team, try this out for a sprint or 2.

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    What are some things your team has worked on for innovation?
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    @jeeper Well personally Ive worked on cleaning up some of our unit tests by introducing a builder pattern to reduce duplication. I’ve also spent time playing around with our SumoLogic instance to see how we could report on a certain kind of error. As a result we now have a cool dashboard which gives us a clear view of the common causes of those errors and which customers it is affecting the most.
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