I really look forward to getting rid of end user and front end crap!

Just wasted 3 hours because of a bug report of a client stating, that "the printouts always have a useless empty page after the desired content".
Well, yeah. There actually is content on the site that's meant to be printed.
After 3 hours of fine-tuning and debugging I found out, that the content is in A4 (European default paper format: 210x297mm) and the customer tried printing in some weird ~219.9x279.4mm format. Apparently that's the US 8x11" letter format.


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    @irene I am switching to a server-to-server service/API team at the end of the year. Doing only backend-stuff and nothing directly touching the browser.
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    @sjw-brah actually I am pretty confused how she managed to do that. It seems like IE and chrome printed fine for her, but her Firefox is set to retard mode.

    And no, using a properly configured browser is no valid solution to her, as she represents a couple of thousands of users.
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