😂😂......if you ever did this raise your hands

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    Yep profound man never have i wanted to enter my credit card info for a trial
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    That's usually me. And then a friend goes and "hey, give Vultr a try, it's good and has a free trial"... I went there, yep, credit card required bs, but well, it was recommended, right?

    A day later they started charging me for nothing.

    Why did I make an exception? Exceptions are supposed to be catched...
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    This is solved by one of those one-time-use burner gift Visa/Mastercards. Put like $1 on it. Use that instead.
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    I'm reminded of a company I know (Yes, that one I keep mentioning!) that always goes on about how you can get a month's free trial of its product.

    Yet, in reality, what happens is..

    You sign up, great, you use it for 27 days and then you close your account. (Yeah, so its a 4 weeks month, not a calendar month..)

    Then you get billed for the next month in advance !

    A load of waffle from them every time I bring it up in the last 30 years..

    No one gets a refund, ever !

    As such, I can't recommend their free trial, and I tell them, change it so its actually free, and I will recommend it !

    But screw around customers with excuses as to why you billed them and took their money, no that isn't going to get you new customers.

    And is part of the reason why they are losing customers, instead of gaining them.
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    This happened to me when I was like "I'm gonna use this premium trial and find jobs and stuff" and then it was like enter your credit card info and I was like nope forget it.
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    @Parzi only heard of burner phones before 😮
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    Some places are wise to that, they won't let you use those burner cards. :-(
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    Just use card with no balance and no overdraft.
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    @zemaitis you mean use a card which has limit set to zero?
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    I don't think I'll find anything that best and accurately describes this. 😂😂😂
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