I rant a lot about my old job and learned a lot about horrible management. Honestly, it was just one disappointment after another.

Let's observe the fact that the CEO, COO, and the newly hired CTO are all friends. Nepotism at its finest.

When re-designing the Front-End and planning new features with a hired agency, should we include the developers familiar with the current stack in the sprint?

I guess not.

When having "secret meetings" about rebranding the company, should the Marketing Manager be informed?

I guess not.

Now, I know there are mixed feelings about this, but the truth is, we have three unqualified individuals in management positions who clearly did not have the best interests and personal growth of their employees in this 14-person start-up at heart.

All of the employees have skills and experience which could easily be applicable to larger companies with better pay and benefits. But we chose to work for a small start-up because we wanted to have our voices heard and make a difference in the growth of company. When you take that liberty away, then what's the point of even working there anymore?

During my 7-months there, 9 people had resigned, including myself and the marketing manager. Should this be a red flag?

I hope so.

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