Okay so im gonna get some confused and many disagreeing ranters on this.

I like SoloLearn. I said it.

I think its a good platform to learn the syntax for a language. and get basic understanding on the language. granted It does a horrible job at teaching you what or how to do things. and its webapp isnt nearly as great as the mobile app.

the mobile app has a lot more "lessons" ranging from ES6, Angular, React, Algorithms, Cryptography. they obviously arent the best. and SoloLearn has SO many flaws and I understand that, trust me I understand more than anyone

I just dont think its the worst.

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    i agree. but i try to avoid the social aspect of the platform. too many users mistake it for a search engine. and the downvotes and sassy answers on stack overflow suddenly make sense to me in thst context.
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    I completely agree. It's fun and covers the basics of most languages.
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    Agree, used a similar product before.
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