Fuck. My new job in the public sector requires me to sign paper applications to access JIRA or git. It takes them 4 days to process, so now I am waiting at home doing nothing. I’ll still get paid a competitive developer salary, though.

If you are a EU citizen from a country that subsidizes Poland, you can be sure that your taxes are well spent on my couch :)

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    Been there before, though I'm not from the EU.

    When I got the public sector gig, I had to submit a >10 pages long form, detailing my family and my whole education and employment life, including at least 2 referrals who are not family and who were not from my previous place of employment. Luckily I had great neighbours.

    They also wanted my examination transcript from 18 years ago. Because reasons.
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    Why sign? To make sure you don't steel code? Or its blocked in the country and that's like a permission to access?
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    @DLMousey hahaha cuz why not XD
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    So you mean that money that is taken from my salary, primarily destined for me for the time I spend reading your rant, are given to you for laying on the couch and writing the rant? Nice!
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    At least they know git and jira. Not like ZUS (social insurance institution), where they still remember diskettes, used there not so long time ago ;)
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    Go buy yourself a pint from my tax money :) I'd rather have it subsidize fellow developers than the fucking clowns in my government.
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    Sometimes, I think it would be nice to join the public sector and help fix the mess that public IT is. Then again, rants like yours remind me that I might not want to do that.
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    Now that you get a taste of how easy money can be made, there is no going back.
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    @kotman12 a to zale┼╝y...
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