micromanager: "Quick and easy win! Please have this done in 2-3 days to start repairing your reputation"

ticket: "Scrap this gem, and implement your own external service wrapper using the new and vastly different Slack API!"

slack: "New API? Give me bearer tokens! Don't use that legacy url crap, wth"

prev dev: "Yeah idk what a bearer token is. Have the same url instead, and try writing it down so you don't forget it?"

Slack admin: "I can't give you access to the slack integration test app, even though it's for exactly this and three others have access already, including your (micro)manager."

Slack: "You can also <a>create a new slack app</a>!" -- link logs me into slack chat instead. After searching and finding a link elsewhere: doesn't let me.

Slack admin: "You want a new test slack app instead? Sure, build it the same as before so it isn't abuseable. No? Okay, plan a presentation for it and bring security along for a meeting on Friday and I'll think about it. I'm in some planning meetings until then."


This job is endless delays, plus getting yelled at over the endless delays.

At least I can start on the code while I wait. Can't test anything for at least a week, though. =/

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    "to start repairing your reputation"

    Did that sob really say that? Wtf is wrong with him?
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    @Demolishun her. And yes.

    She pretends to be nice, though she’s abysmal at it, and manages using guilt and implied threats, and paper trails. It’s 👌🏻.
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    @Root Dafuq. Why your manager not giving you the stupid token?

    Ask her if she wants you to fail.
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    @Root That's a highly toxic workplace... wtf
    I'd probably put a bag of dogshit in her purse.
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    @magicMirror She probably does, honestly. We have never really gotten along well, and unbelievably less so since her promotion.

    @PonySlaystation Cali.
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    Has the Slack API changed again...? Got any ref?

    Do you have to implement the WHOLE API? Or just some parts?

    FWIW I understand why they won't reveal legacy credentials.

    If it's just for testing - go ahead and set it up on your personal Slack? I mean, create your own slack ACC, register a new workspace and create that bot in it. And you'll at least have manual testing. When the time comes and these busy ass admins grant you the honour - just swap the access token to make your gem work with your company's slack. I mean the code will already be written and tested (manually), so it should work on any slack workspace
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    "start repairing your reputation" wtf?
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    These requirements, micro-management, and lack of communication begs for trolling.

    Maybe adding to the ticket an @ for anyone who's involved specifying the communication gaps, lack of definitions, and a nice 'wontfix' label pending clarification on the above.

    A more sinister yet fun idea is to implement into the api a reputation counter for each user that used the api, which will boost the users reputation along with:

    root_reputation += 1
    micromanager_reputation -= 1

    and the reputation counter is visible only in a remote area somewhere in Slack
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    There are so many things here.

    Prev dev: do they not know what A bearer token is or what THE bearer token is? If it’s the former then I have no words.

    Slack: the only reason it still exists is because Teams is shit

    Micromanager: what a bitch! She’s clearly trying to make you the scapegoat for her own incompetence. When you’ve got another job make sure you drop her in the poo before you leave. Hate managers like this, I’ve had a couple.
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    @UnicornPoo A bearer token. She has no idea.

    Related story: she was a junior dev last year when I worked with her. She has since been promoted to “principle engineer,” which is a step above senior at this company. That speaks volumes. (My micromanager was also a junior dev last year.)

    @netikras That’s my plan if I can’t convince them to either let me use the existing bot or have them create a new one. I assumed it would be quick, but so far they haven’t budged on either.

    As for the credentials… the test bot is there, it was created specifically for building the existing slack integration, and it isn’t used for anything else, so I don’t see why they won’t. It’s an unused tool, not a museum piece. If they’re worried about sharing tokens in clear text (or about granting me access to the bot…), the company has tools for sharing creds and other sensitive info. (Not that they give me access to those, either.)

    It’s just so frustrating.
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    @ your manager: amber, is that you?
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    @Root are these people sleeping to the top?
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    slack api... i will take a puff on that.
    the number of times these people change their APIs is mind shitting.

    don't know if we dealt with the same crap, but my task was to integrate slack in a cicd pipeline. my manager gave me a screenshot of sonarqube or some very advanced (and expensive) cicd tool's slack message and wanted me to replicate that behaviour manually .

    that plugin would show so awesome animations and update the status on a single message and all that stuff. all i was able to do was to prove my manager that the festures requires premium slack plans and create the most basic ripoff of that tool's message

    sometimes showing costs and estimates to managers can help in making them understand the priorities of their demands
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    @Root And here I thought my reputation was tarnished because stepping up into executive position from lead engineer.

    Junior to Principal is either you're a genius or you fucked with the right person
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