"Lightweight rant"

Good job, devs of Sparkasse.
Time to "jobn't" y'all.
That error message is very informational.

I know it is because of the time counter being at 0 and I need to relogin to reset it, but what if I was a regular dumb client? To add more salt into it, what if I was someone in his 90s.

Do your fucking job properly.

Edit: The error message translates to "Error", "Error" and "Close"

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    Loved that Jobn't :D

    but I have to say, that while I was in germany and I had installed the Commerzbank app it just prompted me to save password by android so ehm... no contactless because security, just give you girocard because fuck me sideways but let us just save ur pass in the case your finger us wet and you dont remember password \_(0.o)_/
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    Seems like I am not the only one experiencing those error messages :D
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    Same in the app.

    App name is "Planspiel Börse".
    Wanted to do a rant about this too :D
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    Wait, that still exists? My Sparkasse didn't offer it.
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