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    Go home ASUS, you're drunk.
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    Intruder alert 😆
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    are those the real macbook specs


    Except for the RAM I can build better using the carcass of an older laptop (why would you need 16GB of RAM in a laptop if you're not gaming on it? It's a Mac, so you're clearly not gaming on it... just don't have 500,000 fucking tabs open?)
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    @Parzi Im a web developer, Im having like 3 PyCharm instances and 10-30 tabs open. Im looking at my usage a lot, out of curiosity. On a normal working day Im using like 10-14 gb of ram, so it was the perfect choice for me. I dont understand why taking a machine with a nice processor that cant get done his work because of lacking memory...
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    @luftluft what are the tabs for? Trim those down bruh
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    @Parzi debugging a problem and a lot of functionalties of the app im improving
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    @luftluft ...okay, fair, maybe you need it, but who else but devs and gamers?
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    @Parzi this app is called devrant so I think I can post posts that a dev can understand...
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