The cleaning lady saga continues yet again..

Here in Belgium, cleaning ladies are paid with cheques. All fine and dandy, and apparently the parent organization (Sodexo) even migrated to digital cheques. Amazing!!!

If only they did it properly.

Just now I received an email with my login data.
Password: I won't reveal the amount of characters.. but it's not even hex. It's just uppercase letters, and far from what I'd deem even remotely secure. Hopefully I'll be able to change that shitty password shortly, and not get it mailed back, even when I ask for recovery. Guess I'll have to check that later - the person who made that account was pretty incompetent when it comes to tech after all. Don't ask me why they did it instead of me. I honestly don't really know either.

With that said, this is a government organization after all... Can I really expect them to hash their passwords?

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    Probably not. Government software is horrible
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    @irene it's not actually the government, but a company that's been contracted by the government. But yes, it's horrible.
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    @epse the lowest bidder? Yep...
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    @epse yeah, contracted by government
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    @irene that's not always the rule. EU Commission, as a government, uses awesome software, also contracted.
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    What did you expect? It was coded by a cleaning lady! (bless them tho)
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