I'm a very patient and calm person when it comes to coding or social events and the only thing that "triggers" me is accuracy.

You've made plans to have a small reunion and with people, you hardly meet, once or twice in a year and yet you somehow fail to show at 11:00 am in the morning which was already planned.

Now it's time to call each of you and hear out your ridiculous explanation of how you stayed up late watching Instagram videos of cute kittens and fell asleep late.

> "Oh I just woke up, I'll be there directly there in an hour, I know I promised we'll go together, but I have this thing to deal with"

> "Hey, do you know who reached till there? Are you there yet? What's the plan?" - Bitch the plan was to be there by 11 AM, 11 FUCKING AM.

> "Heyyyy, just woke up, give me an hour I'll pick you up"

Seriously this makes me sad and disappointed because I'm a man of the time. Sometimes I think they do this just to test my patience.

There is not enough time, there never was, there never will be.

With that being said my holiday is ruined and what's up with you?

> inb4 don't let others ruin your holiday

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    and my gitlab key is acting up now
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    You really are nothappy 😞
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    Those are shitty people. And what kind of dumb arse excuse is "watching Instagram videos" in the first place?
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    @Jilano the one with lazy ones
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    @nothappy Makes sense, yeah... Try to avoid those at all cost!
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    @Jilano yes but not if they're one of the closest friends which makes an exception, I feel sorry for myself
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    @irene it sure is
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    Reunions are a load of crap
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    I'd rather learn CI/CD instead
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    People are a problem.
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    People should just more more honest.

    "Yeah...well...I am not coming since I don't want to see your face."
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    On the one hand I've had vacations ruined by people who took the time to mean exactly that time. It's a vacation. No I don't care about plus or minus 15 minutes.

    On the other hand hours of delay add up to chunks
    Of your vacation lost
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